Lawn Care


Lawn Care is critical in autumn. Keep the sprinkler on lawns if the weather is particularly dry and don’t cut as often. New lawns should be sown after soil is prepared.

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Flower Garden


It’s Bulb time! Plant dahlias, daffodils, tulips and other spring flowering bulb. Bulbs can be planted, in the garden or container and must be planted before the end of autumn. Protect all seedling with slug bait! Encourage earlier and better flowers by feeding seedlings with liquid feeds. Dead-head plants to prolong flowering and spray with […]

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Install Waterfeature


The Garden Care team use their experience and expertise to install this water feature in a garden and it enhanced the beauty of the garden plus filled an empty corner. The client chose the water feature and we did all the handwork and installed it. Water features add value to your landscape and provide a […]

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Garden Work:

Lawn tip: Set the mower blade high – If you mow too low, the grass gets a ‘scalping’ and the weeds arrive! A few tips for your garden work in the long summer days: Caterpillars are out there munching: Is the foliage on your young kowhai disappearing? Are the cabbage tree leaves getting more holes […]

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The Ornamental Garden

Water as feature – the hotter it gets, the more we appreciate water outdoors. Birdbaths, bowls of water lilies or other aquatic plants are an easy way to enjoy water in the garden. A good design effect can be achieved with a ‘dry riverbed’ – usually this is a serpentine path of stones with curving […]

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Build A Lovely New Garden

After My Garden Guy carried out our magic.

The team at My Garden Guy took an empty space and turned the area into a visually pleasing garden. We purchased the soil, picked all the plants and bark. We looked after all aspects from design to implementation and finished with a great tidy-up.

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Tidying Up Pathway Or Garden Bed


Turning a dirty, messy pathway into something neat, tidy and attractive. These stones work well. They are heavy so you can use a blower to blow away leaves and the stones stay put.

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A New Veggie Garden


This week the My Garden Guy team and I have been busy making our clients gardens look great. One of our projects was a backyard tidy up that also included creating a new veggie garden and planting trees utilising planter boxes. Take a look at the photos from before and after. Before After

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